Argente Uninstall Manager

Delete all the applications you don't want on your PC


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Many applications are installed without your consent, and they are generally unnecessary and unwanted. You don't use them because you don't even know they're there, but they are and they take up a lot of unnecessary space on your PC.

When this happens, many applications can take advantage of this and even introduce spyware and adware on your computer, tracking your movements on the Internet and consuming bandwidth from your connection.

Argente Uninstall Manager is an alternative utility to the classic program uninstaller in Windows; much more efficient and reliable, it displays all the applications installed on your computer in order to detect these intruders.

Thanks to this tool you can avoid these annoyances and have a much cleaner and better-performing PC. Argente Uninstall Manager can analyze all the applications installed on Windows, so you can easily uninstall them and take back the space on your memory.

This application detects if the entries on Windows are valid, so it can completely delete them, uninstall them, or even edit them. It also includes a search option to look for applications you know have been installed on your PC but you don't know where.

Another great feature about this program is that it detects the date when applications were installed very accurately. It also shows all the real icons of all the programs installed on your computer.
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